Thursday, October 21, 2010

Top 10 Most Expensive Colleges

Are you looking for attributive alumni, who market a number of brained students with their simple strategic learning’s? Here is complete information about most expensive colleges of 2010. They have strengthening power to make their students capable.

1. Sarah Lawrence College $54,410

This college is found in Yonkers, and it came in to being in 1926. They have made their own possible standards, in order to get best students. Not only that, they are following all patterns of Cambridge system, which is one of the outsource of its competition.


2. New York University $51,991

A nonsectarian kind of institute, which is being preferred for research purposes from1831, uses to have more than 50,000 students. It is quite famous because of a number of noble prizes which they have won.


3. The George Washington University $51,730

Since 1821 students need to do a lot of hard work in order to get admission over here that’s why this research college abet in providing best tuition approach to their students.


4. Bates College $51,300

Bates College (1855) is located in Maine for sake of their student’s extra ordinary bachelor degree studies. About 1,700 students are still studying over there. They are known to be one of the leading colleges.

5. Skidmore College $51,196

Saratoga Spring’s US college who use to offer B.A degrees. and different B.S. degrees to students is known to be skidmore. They stand on 46th in U.S.

6. Johns Hopkins University $51,190

JHU one of the leading research universities is found in United States. You would be able to found their campuses in different parts of world. This university is affiliated with different hospitals and medical institutes, in order to increase their student’s research practices.

7. Georgetown University $51,122

John Carroll in 1789 has founded a school, which was later on categorized as well recognized Georgetown university. This institute become famous because of their mixed endorsement.

8. Connecticut College $51,115

New London’s private college which was founded about a century ago i.e. 1911, is known to be Connecticut. It is a co-educational unique studies school which is a member of NESCAC. And this is only because of their reputation amongst people.

9. Harvey Mudd College $51,037

An arts and science college, where liberalism is taken to be major prospective is known to be Harvey mudd. They use to teach engineering, and mathematics as well, along with all other studies. Students need to pass SAT test with about 50% in order to get admission.

10. Vassar College $50,875

If we talk about co-educational institutions then we would be able to find this college at tenth number. In 1861 this was being founded, but it is still known to be a liberal college from that time.