Thursday, October 21, 2010

Top 10 Best Ps2 Fighting Games

1. Dark Wind and GameTrak Controller

It’s a 2 player game in which you have to kill your enemies and along with that you have to block the attack from your enemy in order to sustain in the game against your enemies.


2. Celebrity Deathmatch

As the name shows this fighting game involves the celebrity fighting where you can even make customize your celebrity by the option create the celebrity. This game has so much different environments. Every celebrity has his or her own different styles and movies of fighting. It will really bring so much joy in your gaming life.

3. Conan

It is a story base game in which you have to go for a journey in search of a cult due to which death cam in character’s home. At places you will face different enemies. On the way you discover the hidden ways lead you in the castles, caves etc in order to get the pieces of Atlantean Sword to complete your journey.

4. Catwoman

This character has whip in her hand by which she can swing in air, smash and through things and beat her enemies with it. This game is inspired by the movie and also uses the locations from the movie. It is only one player game.

5. Circus Maximus

It is based on ancient roam racing game in which you have to kill your opponent in order to win. Same like that you have to fight and race at the same time and there is only death other then the victory in this race course. This game include 22 different players and 19 tacks made by roman emperor.

6. Capcom vs. SNK 2

This game is made by Capcom. It is the best technically made mixture of classic animation and best game play. This game has over 44 characters half from capcom and half from SNK. It’s kind of heavens piece for the game lovers.

7. Charlies Angels

It is the official game of the movie. It is a story base one player game in which character girls goes and strikes on the national enemies. You can switch between the characters to be much more efficient during the fight against enemies. Player will have missions over the world and will face 32 different enemies.

8. Bloody Roar 3

The best part of this game is that it has 14 different characters in it. You can play with any of them. Each player has different supernatural abilities to fight with enemies. This game can be played single player and two players as well.

9. Blood Will Tell

Different weapons are available in this game like sword, bazooka and others. Hyakkimaru’s friend Droro helps the player a lot in different stages. Both characters can be controlled at the same time. Both have different abilities and we have to choose the character to fight the enemy more efficiently.

10. BCV Battle Construction Vehicles

Its nice game in which you have to fight to save your father’s building company from his brutal enemy. In this game you have you turn some of really tough cars into scrap metal by smoldering them.