Sunday, February 20, 2011

Indian Girls

As we know India is famous for its vast traditional culture. This rich culture is based on the religious and historical values and customs. India has a multi religious society which can help in making its culture vaster. Like Sikhs, Jains, Muslims and Hindus, all enjoy freedom to celebrate their religious festivals. India’s food, dresses, music and historical places all are of great attention for the whole world. We saw now people can enjoy India’s culture in every part of world, by having Indian food in the cuisines and restaurants or by wearing Indian dresses and jewellery or by listening to the beautiful Indian music.
When we talk about Bollywood movies which can be seen every where in the world are the main source of making Indian dresses popular. Especially young girls who are fond of Bollywood movies, wants to adopt dresses worn by their favorite actresses in Hindi movies. As we can see in the picture two Indian girls with a English woman in beautiful Indian outfits. The girls are looking gorgeous in these amazing dresses also the guest English giving unforgettable smile in same dress. This picture send us Laila (standing in center) in help of her friends which is regular reader of this blog.