Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Worst Halloween Costume Ideas

Some people tend to get carried away with Halloween costumes, coming up with absurd and, at times, inappropriate ideas that will either make you laugh uncontrollably or cringe involuntarily. Below, we have compiled for you a list of the just such costumes.

Caution: some images in the following list are NSFW. Once seen, these images cannot be unseen. Needless to say, these costumes, even if extremely hilarious, are generally repulsive and will not get you laid. You have been warned.

Banana Flasher

Banana Flasher Costume

A good choice for Halloween if you want to “stand out” in more ways than one.

Artoo Detoo

Artoo Detoo Fail

We’re guessing this is Artoo Detoo after Geppetto wishes for him to be a real boy. What? Of course that’s the plot of Star Wars! Let’s just hope the guy in the picture is wearing something under that costume.

Human Cellphone

Human Cellphone Costume

Yes, well, it could have been worse. It could have had a “Dial 0000000 for a special delivery” tagline on the fake screen.

Genie Lamp

Genie Lamp Costume

This costume is a tad more subtle than the rest on this list. Still, it has lady-repellent written all over it, among other things.

Bloody Fetus Pregnant Lady

Bloody Fetus-Pregnant Lady

This certainly does not qualify as funny. Disturbing, maybe, but not funny.


Bestiality Costume

Looks like this guy had more to drink than he could handle. Then again, the beer is probably part of the costume.


Mangina Costume

Not the best way to get in touch with one’s feminine side, to say the least. One wonders how parents would explain this one to their kids.

Suicide Bomber

Suicide Bomber Costume

What is more disturbing than the idea behind the costume is the kid wearing it and the jubilant expression on his face. Undoubtedly, the result of some solid parenting.

Snake Charmer

Snake Charmer

You know you don’t have any sexual prospects when your tool is poisonous and you need a flute to get yourself excited. Not charming at all.

Tron Commando

Tron Costume Commando

Did you see it? If not, consider yourself lucky. There is nothing wrong with the costume, just with the way it has been worn. It’s common knowledge that when you put on tights, you don’t go commando.