Sunday, December 12, 2010

Terros de Hercules -Spain

Located in Bay of Algeciras – Spain, Rafael de La-Hoz architect have completed design the building of Las Torres de Hercules.

Las Torres de Hercules will have 100 meters of exterior frame and another 26 corresponding to a telecommunications antenna. 126 meters in total. In a few days, the building’s structure will eclipse the honor of Seville’s Giralda of being the tallest building in the Andalusian Community.

From Architect :

The building’s 20 floors are 80 meters tall. The interior modulation of the offices has been started with the installation of raised floors and heating and cooling elements as well as lighting on the floors’ temporary ceilings. Each one of the floors is windowed on the interior of the concrete frame.

The plan for the construction projects the conclusion of work by the end of this year, although the first weeks of 2009 have not been ruled out as the definitive end date as the exterior of the towers still needs to be finished, mainly the man-made lake that will surround them, the green areas, and 200 covered parking spots.

With the structure of the towers practically finished, the inscription of “Non Plus Ultra” that encircles them is more easily appreciated. The choice of this motto is not casual, given that the Torres de Hercules draw their inspiration from those that appear on the Andalusian coat of arms, while also being a mythological allegory between Europe and Africa.