Friday, December 24, 2010

iPad-Compatible Clothing

In fairness, at least some of the products in Scottevest’s iPad compatible line existed long before Apple announced the specs for its sleek tablet computer. TheScottevest Essential Jacket, for example, happened to already have pockets that fit the iPad perfectly. The Scottevest TravelVest, on the other hand, seems designed more with the iPad specifically in mind.
Other products in Scottevest’s iPad compatible line include a fleece jacket, a soft shell jacket and a windbreaker.
we dont find Scottevest offerings particularly fashion forward. Their jackets especially have something of a 1980s look. But their clothing is extremely well made. And their iPad pockets are perfectly designed. You won’t move in such a way that might break or crack the iPad. And Scottevest pockets don’t tend to bulge even when stuffed full; put an iPad in the TravelVest and it is unlikely anyone will notice its presence there.