Friday, December 24, 2010

Funny and Creative Tie Designs

Somehow, we always think tie is something serious, going with business style…But apparently, we have plenty of funny ties running outside which are totally different from what I saw before. So, just enjoy a good laugh with us and our funny ties.
1. Hanging Tie [link]

2. Photoshop Tie [link]

3. USB tie [link]

4. Circuit Board Tie [link]

5. Keyboard Tie [link]

6. Tetris Tie [link]

6. Tetris Tie [link]

8. Crosswords Tie [link]

9. Taxi Tie [link]

10. Gamer Tie [link]

11. Hot Dog Tie [link]

12. Ice cream Tie [link]

13. Beer Tie [link]

14. 8-bit Tie [link]

15. The How To Tie A Tie Tie [link]

16. Lady Belly Tie [link]

17. Black Sheep Tie [link]

18. Gibson Guitar Tie [link]

19. Saxophone Shape Tie [link]

20. Blood Spattered Tie [link]