Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The 20 best examples of street art

20. Green graffiti

Artist Edina Tokodi is giving street art a whole new twist. She is using green grass to make animal “graffiti” on the streets of Brooklyn. The meaning with her art is to make a more familiar, environmentally friendly state, and to give Brooklyn an overall healthy look.

19. Stikman

Stikman is placed all over the states and are made out of corrugated plastic, vinyl records, burlap sacks or scraps of wood, metal or clothes parts.

18. Comic traffic signs

The streets of Lyon in France have turned into a gallery without walls with work from artists all over the world. Their work is shown on signs that look like real European traffic signs but with some absurd and comical cartoon pictures, or even some cheerful messages.

17. Mosquitoes attacking city billboards

In warm summer nights mosquitoes are hated and highly annoying, especially at night when they get attracted by the lights inside and around apartments. Well, that is exactly what happened on these billboards, except that these mosquitoes are fake.

16. Huge Crate Man

This huge creature that reminds of a “lego man” is called Crate Man because he is actually made out of milk crates. He can be spotted on lots of places in Australia, especially in Melbourne. The creators Sam, Jerome, Ed and Gab, have used several colored milk crates to make their unique Crate Man.

15. Star Wars stencils

Star Wars is still very popular, especially among younger people, and the stencils they make are both of R2D2, C3po, AT-AT, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Yoda, and so on, all the famous Star Wars characters.

14. The road blocking barrel monster

A 22-year-old student, Joe Carnevale, took road blocking barrels, cut them and made a monster statue that became an Internet sensation. The “barrel monster” had a wide and toothy grin and was pointing down on cars and motorists passing nearby the university where he is a student.

13. Useless fliers

All you need is paper, a printer and a bit of creativity to place the flier somewhere in the city, and that we’ll definitely put a smile on many faces.

12. Pacman invades the streets of New York City

Street artist Katie Sokoler from Brooklyn came up with a great idea to make the streets, where she lives, into a real life game scene of Pacman, that is known as one of the most famous epic computer games.

11. Famous movie roles graffiti

A French artist that calls himself MTO has done graffiti of famous movie roles all over Berlin. This German city is known for being the one with most street art in Europe. MTO has done anything from Ace Ventura the pet detective to Jack Torrance in The Shining.

10. Sarcastic street signs

These funny signs are placed in several cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, etc., and they are still funny like all of TrustoCorp’s work.

9. Street dumpster installations

British design graduate Oliver Bishop-Young has come up with an urban art project, called the SkipWaste project, where dumpsters are used in a fun and different way. They are no longer used for trash, but for activities and other amazing art installations.

8. City statues decorated in an amusing way

Spanish artist from Madrid that calls himself SpY is creating a different kind of street art than most people are used to. He is making city statues look a bit more interesting by putting a bucket, a paper bag or a ski mask over their heads, a red clown nose on their noses or a pie in their faces.

7. Portrait that is only viewable from special angles on the streets of Berlin

Walking in the streets of Berlin you might have seen this piece of art on one of the fences, or maybe you haven’t? It can be hard to spot it because it’s “hidden” in a clever way. You have to stand in a special angle to view this black and white portrait because it’s invisible if you stare at the fence from the front.

6. Street art made with masking tape

Buff Diss is an awesome Melbourne based artist who has recently stranded himself in Europe. Some of his work can be seen in Paris, Barcelona and Jerusalem. All his works are made free-hand with masking tape.

5. Tiny cement sculptures on streets

In several European cities like London, Barcelona and Berlin, you can spot these small cement sculptures of people in different locations and positions. The artist behind this work is Isaac Cordal from London.

4. NYC tape art by Aakash Nihalani

His work is created in a reaction to what we readily encounter in our lives, sidewalks and doorways, building and bricks. I’m just connecting the dots differently to make my own picture. Others need to see that they can create too, connecting their own dots, in their own places.

3. Street art on road crossings and paths

The Canadian artist Peter Gibson, more known as “Roadsworth”, has given the streets of Montreal an artistic touch using spray painting. He turns pedestrian crossings into giant shoe prints, writes eye catching messages on paths and making the end of the lines that divides the paths look like plugs.

2. Using shadows to create street art

Instead of drawing graffiti on the walls, a NYC street artist Ellis Gallagher decided to use the shadows that lamp posts are making to create street art. Gallagher is only using chalk and stone sediment to outline the shadows into stencils looking like figures or just simple art.

1. “The 6emeia project” street art from Brazil

The artists behind this work are Anderson Augusto and Leonardo Delafuente, and they call it “The 6emeia project”. The streets of Brazil can now continue to be more colorful and amusing for everyone, thanks to the two talented street artists.