Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ways You Can Waste Less Food & Water

There is a lot of waste of food and water in the world.

In New York City alone 270,000 pounds of food are wasted each day. This first video cleverly gives you an idea of what this means.

Then watch the other two to see how you can do your part.

Waiting for the Apple Train

You’ll enjoy this. Don’t worry, those apples weren’t actually wasted. It’s all trick photography.

The video on page 2 gives you some easy ideas of how you can reduce your own food waste.

Food: Waste Not, Want Not

Twenty eight percent of food in the United States is wasted; all but 2 percent ends up in landfills. This video gives you a few easy suggestions to help you do your part including planning meals more carefully, freezing leftovers, and making compost.

The third video, on page 3, shows you simple ways that you can dramatically reduce your water usage.

Water: Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Save It

We all know about taking a low flow shower or putting a brick in the tank of our toilet. But we don’t realize how much water goes into the food we eat.

When we have lunch, 16 oz. of water is 16 oz. Sixteen ounces of soda actually uses 33 gallons of water. A mixed salad takes 31 gallons; a hamburger with cheese takes 672 gallons.

If you follow the suggestions in the video, in a day you save 1,213 gallons of water. Wow!