Thursday, October 21, 2010

Top 10 Most Expensive iPad Apps

1. Crestron Mobile Pro G


This application gives you power of controlling your home appliances music system and movie players all in you ipad. This uses 3G and wifi to get connected to all the devices you want to take control with help of ipad using this application.


2. Fine Luxury Wallpapers by Gatsby


This is the best collection of the wallpapers which you can’t get in the market or net for your ipad.


3. iProc Pro


it is kind of a searching application. You can easily move and search for any text material in the procedure code or any text file.


4. Marine: Skagerrak&Kattegat HD


This application provide the detailed marine maps for Scandinavia.


5. SLP Field Kit HD


If someone lost his or her speech ability due to some disease then this application will help that patient so much. This application aware the patient from the phonemics of the language and gives full audio aid and keep testing the patient that how much he\she have been recovered. This is the best doctor for speech therapy.


6. ZeptoPad Planner Note


This application is made to make your planning quite easy for you. If you have any plans in future then plan it and leave on this application to remind you when you have to act on that.

7. OmniGraffle


OmniGraggle allows you to use your ipad as a canvas and if you want to make any web page, process chart or any graphic design then you are studying about the application you are in need of. This application also have won the “potentially most useful to the most people” prize

8. ProCamPlus HD


This application gives you power of managing different camera views on one screen. You can keep an eye on all places where you have the camera by this application.

9. StudioTrack


This application helps you in song writing it is use to save the musical ideas from other songs and recording different songs on your ipad.

10. Aurora Sound Sound HD


If you have musical germs in you then it doesn’t matter if you are a professional musician or not. You can make fabulous music by using this application. You just have to choose the musical scale and all other technical things are headache of this application.