Thursday, October 21, 2010

Top 10 Best Money Management Apps

These applications specially made for you if you are so much conscious about expenditures. There are several app to do the same job but these are the cream of all those app. You can manage your money so easily and all of these have different uses. Detail of each app will be under its heading if you once have any of it in your phone, you will definitely be the fan of that app. Here is the list of 10 best money management apps which will make your life so simple and easy.


1. iPortfolio

This is small application which doesn’t have any need of registration. You can view the status all stuff related to the stock market like up and downs and when to purchase of sale the shares and like that.

2. LoanShark

If you are thinking to take loan then 1st install this application on you phone. It will calculate everything regarding loan, how much you have to pay per month, interest, credit card fee, keep an eye on the mortgage amount and it can also trace the banks

3. PocketMoney

This application is all about transactions. You can easily maintain record of your transactions with any fear of losing anything. You can make your own category to easily access in future. It allows you to schedule the transactions, money transfer between accounts. You can also see the transaction charts for better understanding that where you need to spend and where you don’t have to spend anymore.

4. TripLog/1040

This application records your expenditures in a very cool way. It gives your four categories to enter the expenses like business, charity, medical and a category of your choice. You can easily keep an eye that on which category you are spending allot and where you have to firm your spending hand.

5. Mint

This application is attached with the famous can check your balance any time using this application. it will also alert you on your low balance, over-budgets and unusual spending activities. You can easily transfer all the data on our Pc from

6. PAYware Mobile

You can easily make the deals using this application. You can transfer or receive money through your account. It captures the signature and verifies them and it can also swipe a card of client. You can surely rely on it perfectly.

7. Day Bank

This is super application to have in your phones. It can maintain the entire records of your dealings involve money. Your transaction history, expenditures and best part of this application is that it also takes snaps of the important receipts for the record. You can easily make categories and folders in it to manage the accounts entries so that you can access them easily in the future.

8. WealthCalc

It can help you in calculating the interest on annual bases. Its interface is awesome and it perfectly user friendly.

9. PayPal

PayPal is most famous money transferring source. You can easily send or receive money from your friends and family. Now you will have your account right in your pocket. This application is totally secure and gives you full powers over your account like checking the balance and history of transactions.

10. Bloomberg Mobile

This is especially for businessmen who want to keep an eye on the price charts, market-trend analysis, and news from the world market. This app is still updating and soon its more cool and powerful version will be in market.