Thursday, October 21, 2010

Top 10 Best Android Apps for Twitter

Android phones have grasped attraction from market because of their functional attributive operating systems which are inbuilt in them. They are commanded over with a number of technological advancements, that’s why growing demand of its application is seen in market. Let me describe about their online applicability related with twitter updates.

1. Twidroid


One of the best clients of twitter is known to be twidroid in reference to Android phones. This abet in getting complete access for sake of twitter account. Which means that if there is a need to make some kind of tag photos, updating, chatting, posting or any other activity then you can make it possible through this application.

2. Twidgit Lite


A widget which abet in entangling timeline feed is made possible through updation of statuses. Not only that, according to need of a person refreshing of frequencies can be made faster.

3. Twt

Some bigger twitter clients don’t use this application, as it is quite simple and basically prefers to make complete time line accessibility possible.

4. Loquacious

Cost of loquacious is about $2.99, which is reasonable. Along with that, there is a free 14 days trial option available for those users who want to have it for their android phones usage purposes. This can easily filter any kind of twits.

5. Twitta

Notifications are an outsource which can be termed as alerts for a number of activities which use to happen on twitter, as it is available for free in multiple colors, that’s why a number of people get attracted towards this application.

6. iTweet

This application was made for iPhones, but now for customer’s convenience it is available for android users as well. It is affordable, as it costs only $2.99. Using profile along with it on twitter is simple and easy.

7. Twit2go

Although it is a less polished type of application, but still in this running competition they are grasping market via tweet and retweet featured options, which they inhibit in them.

8. TwitterRide

Whether we talk about updating, tagging or trending topics there is an extremely tremendous option available in form of twitter ride, which need to check out for your android phone.

9. Seesmic

Sees mic is offering an option to its users to get themselves connected with their account through their own cell phones, with single clicks (i.e. via sms or email).

10. Twitli

GPS functions which are available with this twitli software are extremely adorable which abet in getting a complete and free accessibility of location. If you want then you can add photos as well.